Maquee Hire in Tamworth

Tamworth, UK — Mercia Marquee Events Ltd are proud to announce that their Marquee hire service has been a great success through 2012, and their success is expected to continue into 2013. As a relatively new business, Mercia Marquee have been dealing with hundreds of brides who want something different and unique on their special day. Currently, they offer Marquee Hire in Tamworth and Staffordshire, and travel out or provide wedding venues in both Staffordshire and Tamworth.

Their businesses success to date has been their ability to provide an outstanding service to their customers. They have dedicated their whole operation to ensuring that clients are thoroughly impressed with the service they receive. As such, their growth has surged during the past year, and they expect the same growth to happen into 2013.

Commenting, a director of Mercia Marquees said, “Despite being a relatively new business, we have been very busy”. He continued by stating “Our marquee hire company based in Tamworth, Staffordshire is also attracting a lot of brides looking for the best wedding venues Tamwoth has to offer, and they are opting for a marquee for their weddings instead of a brick and mortar business.”

Marquee’s are a great way to get away from the boring old traditional route of getting married and hosting a wedding party. Marquees have become increasingly popular throughout the United Kingdom, and Mercia Marquee are playing their part in helping to reunite brides around Staffordshire and Tamworth with a Marquee.

To learn more about Mercia Marquee, an up and coming leading Marquee hire and Wedding Venue company in Tamworth, Staffordshire, head over to:


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